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Tired of being tossed around by fate?

Are you tired of feeling like you’re wasting your life? Are you tired of waiting for destiny to happen to you?

What if you could design your destiny? 

Scroll down to find out how!

You know you should follow your passions – but what are your passions? 

Maybe you know your passions, but you’re scared to follow them.

You’re mentally exhausted from always fighting the mean voice in your head that tells you that you’re not good enough.

You want to feel empowered – but really you just beat yourself up for not being further along in life – you’re worried that life is passing you by.

Are you feeling like everyone else is living the life that you’ve been salivating over, and you’re wondering “when is it going to be my turn?” 

You’ve got so many gifts you’ve been given, and it’d be a waste to walk away from all that you can be due, to fear

Tired of feeling like you’re not enough? Are you just done feeling that you’ll never amount to anything?

You’re not broken, you’ve never been broken! You’ve just never learned how to play the cards you’ve been dealt. 

Are you tired of the cards you've been dealt?

Frustrated teen student girl with books
Cherry Fizz Tarot Fool Card Additional

Shuffle the deck and

design Your Destiny

You are air, the breath of life. You are fire, the spark of life. You are water. Life flows through your veins. You are earth, where life lives. You are spirit, consciousness incarnate. 

So why are you hiding, waiting for the future to happen – when you can SHAPE your future  using one of humankind’s easiest methods: shaping your story with the Tarot! 

What if you could: 

  • Claim your destiny
  • Give yourself radical self compassion
  • Listen to your intuition
  • Embody ALL of the tarot cards
  • And then… design your destiny



An 8-week group coaching program, where you’ll learn the tarot AND create a game plan for your chosen destiny. It’s time to stop using tarot to tell the future, and work with the tarot to SHAPE your future! Let’s design your destiny, together. 

Join us for a one of a kind experience!

Called Out by Tarot is the first course of it’s kind that not only teaches you the tarot, but teaches you how to embody all aspects of the tarot! It’s time to stop being a character in your story, and instead become the author of your story.


This isn’t like any other tarot course. Of course you’re going to learn the tarot by embodying every aspect of the tarot. You’ll learn how to create your life with EVERY element! 

By the time you’re done, you’ll STOP doubting your power and path you’ve chosen for life. You’ll have a game plan to grow into the person you’ve always been, but have been shoving down due to society’s crappy messages you grew up absorbing.

We’ll shape your life by helping you peel back the layers that society has piled upon you, so that you can see that shining, sparkling YOU that’s always been there, waiting for you to listen in and see what you want. 

What's in the course?

Here's what you're going to learn...

Module 1: Air

Work with the element of air and the brain pains you're going through and turning them into brain gains

Module 2: Fire

Work with the element of fire to discover your passions & discover your destiny

Module 3: Water

Work with the element of water to love yourself unconditionally

Module 4: Earth

Work with the element of earth to unblock your abundance

Module 5: Spirit

We're going to dive into the Fool's journey and design your destiny!

Module 6: Court Cards

By understanding the court cards, you'll learn about the facets of yourself& the people in your life

Module 7: Card Interactions

We'll learn how the cards interact with each other & how you can interact with your life in different ways!

Module 8: Tarot Spreads

We'll create our own spreads & dig deeper to shape your future & the story of your life

Extra features

8-Weeks of Group Coaching

Group coaching with me, Your Cherry Godmother - and you'll be working with each other in a safe environment to practice honing your intuition with multiple people

Called Out By Tarot Community

You'll get lifetime access to our community of kickass card slingers, where we talk tarot, pop culture, get goofy, and you can ask the Cherry Godmother your questions

Printable Workbooks to Design Your Destiny

You'll get gorgeous workbooks with each module that will help you create a game plan for shaping your life with tarot

Curated Content

Want a richer learning experience? Take each module deeper with curated content: our favorite books, podcsts, and more - to help you fully embody each element.

Oh yeah, did I forget all the awesome bonuses?

Bonus Masterclass! Tarot Everyday! ($222 Value)

Yes that's right, you can actually incorporate tarot EVERY DAY into your life, and we're creating a masterclass on how!

BETA FOR LIFE ($5000+)

THIS IS A ONE TIME OFFER THAT WE WILL NOT BE SHARING EVER AGAIN! We will be offering everyone who takes this first course the "Beta For Life" package. That's right. EVERY SINGLE SIGNATURE COURSE - YOU GET FOR FREE. Each one will start at $997, and I've got at least 5 more up my sleeves.

The ULTIMATE Mix & Match Tarot Journal ($75)

You'll get a Witchables Printables Mix & Match Tarot Journal based on the elements - complete with fun stickers, to make your tarot readings just that more sparkly.

The ULTIMATE Digital Tarot Journal ($75)

Sometimes it is easier to channel the information being thrown at you through rapid typing instead of rapid writing, and you're going to get my favorite digital journal + a bonus video tutorial on how to use the Ultimate Digital Tarot Journal.

So - how do you get access to all of this magic?!

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The Called out By Tarot Experience!
a month for 12 months

Save 15% by paying in full at $997

The Called out By Tarot Enchanted experience!
a Month for 12 months

Save 15% by paying in full at $4997

No-Risk, Money Back guarantee

I know what you’re thinking, what if this doesn’t work for me? There’s literally no risk involved, because you’re protected with our 14 day, money-back guarantee. It is 100% risk free, no questions asked. If you really don’t like the product, we’ll give you your money back. We want you to be HAPPY, we want whoever we work with to be a good fit.

Hi... I'm your Cherry Godmother!

I’m sort of like a fairy godmother, but instead of granting wishes, I hand the wand over to you so you can grant your own wishes and craft your own happily ever after (and beyond!)

I teach esoteric empowerment

My methods are a mixture of brain science & a bit of that ol’ magic.

I double dutch with skepticism and spirituality in order to get you what we all want – AMAZING RESULTS!

My goal is to do what I do best – research and make jokes – to teach you all sorts of dusty old esoteric concepts in a new, effervescent fashion! 

What people are saying about the Cherry Godmother...

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Is this for you?

  • Are you a creator who wants to shape your future and design your destiny?
  • Are you tired of feeling stuck in your life, doing the same things day in and day out?
  • Are you looking for a kick ass community of cardslingers and magic makers who want to see REAL changes in the world?
  • Are you ready to embody ALL aspects of your power?
  • Are you willing to put in the work to transform your life? (I’ll provide the tools, but it’s up to YOU to do the leg work!)

This might not be a good fit if...

  • You always have a problem for every solution
  • If you’re not the type to TRY… it’s easier to do nothing
  • If you’re perfectly content with where you’re at in life and don’t want to grow in any way
  • If you enjoy feeling that life is conspiring against you
  • You’re not ready to design your destiny

Why now is the time to invest in yourself!

  • How many more years are you going to wait to discover and design your destiny?
  • How much longer are you going to stay dissatisfied letting life happen to you?
  • This is literally the only time this offer will be available at SUCH a low cost, because you’re part of our FIRST beta of this course – after this experience, the price will be going up!
  • If you’ve made it this far, you owe it to yourself to take the chance and invest in yourself because you know you’ve always wanted to uncover your destiny – let me help you design your destiny, and create the roadmap! 


Most frequent questions and answers

A resounding YES!!! We’re going to make sure the sessions work for people, including having a session that’s for night owls & those who are overseas. Our goal is to make sure you’re getting the MOST out of this experience! 💖

When’s the last time you invested in yourself? What if by designing your destiny and shaping your future, you’re able to unlock yourself to way more abundance! In fact, we have a module all about that! (And hey, tarot’s a pretty kickass side gig, and it makes a great experience of a gift!)

We’ve got the general course that we want to teach, but the secret sauce is ALL OF US WORKING TOGETHER. You’re getting a heavily discounted rate for all this goodness, because you’ll be giving feedback and we’ll change the course throughout this process based on that feedback.

Don’t worry! These techniques are designed to work for spiritual and skeptic alike! I double dutch with skepticism and spirituality in order to create what will really help you change your life – RESULTS!

As little as an hour, and a bit more than that if you want to attend all the coaching live (to get your questions answered and cards drawn for you), and a bit more than that if you want to dig deeper into our curated resources. You can also go at your own pace, you have lifetime access to the course!

Don’t worry, me and my team of godmothers will make sure to help you get set up so things flow as easily as possible.

We’re teaching you more than tarot, we’re teaching you life shaping techniques – by the time you’re done, you’re going to have an amazing road map to the destiny of your design! And you’ll have accountability both from the group coachings with me, and the community you’ll be a part of. Let’s all support each other!

I'm ready, Cherry Godmother!
Let's make some freakin' magic!

The Called out By Tarot Experience!
a month for 12 months

Save 15% by paying in full at $997

The Called out By Tarot Enchanted experience!
a Month for 12 months

Save 15% by paying in full at $4997

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